Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Real Estate Boom In Atlanta

The real estate agents in Atlanta are busy despite the economic slowdown. The condos market here is not just growing, but blossoming as thousands of people are heading toward the city and the condos in the city is being snapped up almost as quickly as the estate agents can locate new property for sale. Foreclosed condos, bank owned condos and short sales are the most popular with investors.
There are trendy lofts and condos in the heart of the bustling city with a style to suit any prospective resident. The city has historical roots and natural landscapes that are irresistible for those who are looking for a life different from that of the metros.
Atlanta was originally developed as a suitable location for the railroad track making its way across Georgia but later the city saw a lot of developmental changes. The railroad is still of importance, and transport within the city is excellent, with a rapid rail network known as MARTAS operating underground to serve the whole of the city.


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