Thursday, October 29, 2009

Miami Condo Hotels---Know Your Advantages

The real estate investment scenario is getting enriched with new concepts of property ownership---condo hotels are one of them. In Miami and other US tourist destinations, such as Las Vegas or Chicago-- the condo hotels or condotels have become the most innovative instrument in the investment of vacation homes. The population growth has contributed to the coming up of several condo hotels in Miami and across the U.S. and the world. As compared to the traditional condo investment, the Miami condo hotels come with their own unique advantages and that make it a profitable mode of real estate investment.

As suggested by the name, with Miami condo hotel investment, you get the same list of amenities that you enjoy living in a five or seven star hotel. Whereas a traditional Miami condo, comes with the benefit of a community swimming pool, a condo hotel offer you the amenities beyond swimming pools; here you get restaurants---often more than one, spa, lounge, poolside bar and so on. Thus the range of amenities is far wider in a condo hotel than usually offered by an ordinary condominium.

For some, the foremost reason for investing in a Miami condo hotel is the list of services it comes with---starting from the daily housekeeping to concierge service, room service to check-in services---living in a luxury condo hotel means living a life without all kinds of hassle of daily living. As compared to ordinary condominiums, where housekeeping is your own headache and the services are limited to security and maintenance, in condo hotels, you get all kinds of round the clock services from the trained professionals. By investing in a Miami condo hotel belonging to such prominent hoteliers as Ritz Carlton and Hilton, you are entitled to the same range of high end services that you happen to enjoy by staying in one of their hotels abroad.

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  1. The appreciation of condo hotels is higher than the ordinary condos. Because condo hotels are relatively new instrument of real estate investing and their availability is restricted to few locales of the USA, they are on high demands and hence appreciate faster. They can be resold easily too.

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