Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Down Size into a Condo

It is not easy coming from an oversized 5-bedroom home in suburbia, and looking to moving into a 1000-1500 sq. ft two-bedroom Philadelphia condominium. Somewhere, out there in cyber space, surely, there is an online support group for such grappling predicaments, to guide people anguished by lack of space.
The most common problem faced before shifting in a condo is fitting your furniture in your new apartment. According to a survey, this was the number one cause of house moving stress for most buyers of new Philadelphia condos.
Deciding which pieces of furniture to hold on to often determined by the size, age, condition, style, and guilt or obligation associated with that particular piece of furniture. The living rooms of many American are dotted with the odd Art Deco end table with emotional value conveyed to you by a distant aunt's last will and testament. Not every piece can come with you. Some of those old relics you currently call furniture will have to be pawned off onto offspring, given to charity, or simply come face to face with the broad side of an axe. The first things to generally go are items referred to as armoires, hutches, side tables, buffets, and oversized coffee tables- especially those the size of say a station wagon along with the notion of multiple couches, strewn about your current living quarters like a tornado through a cornfield.


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