Monday, October 5, 2009

Condominium and Homeowner

These days the policies of the insurance companies are quite flexible giving a person a lot of options to choose from. These policies can also be tailor made as per the people’s requirement and needs. Here are some of the coverage options that are available to you. To help you with your insurance needs, first you can choose whether to take out a policy of the buildings at your Arizona condominiums at extended replacement costs or actual cash values. There is a separate limit for specified property such as pools, fences, etc. The insurance companies also give you coverage against automatic increase in building amount, that is, they provide you with an inflation guard, contents at replacement costs or actual cash values. There is also facility of the Arizona condominium unit owners coverage like the loss of association fees and extra expense, loss in value of undamaged building portion, if there is demolition or increased construction cost to meet ordinance or law requirement, comprehensive equipment breakdown coverage, coverage extension to newly acquired buildings, fire department service charge and extinguisher recharge cost is also taken care of by the insurance companies, as well outdoor signs, debris removal or clean up cost, pollutant clean up cost, back up of sewers or drains or appliances, accounts that are receivables and valuable papers coverage, computer equipment including media and records, earthquake or earthquake sprinkler leakage, are all covered by the insurance company.


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