Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to get Search Engine Optimization

Keywords:-Keywords are the most important parts of the any web site, you need to learn your customer’s language in order to understand what keywords and phrases they will use to find you. For example, a search for ""web site Design India "" will bring traffic to your web site, but ""classical web design records"" will make more sales for you.

Title and Meta Tags and :-When you design a web site, you use Title and Meta tags are HTML code in every pages or search engine optimization use Title and Meta tags for providing valid information, which you want to search

Content:-When we create a web site, we get a some text and graphics, which are known as contents today mostly user see the screen of the web page not reading, so description of Your site and service should be easy to understand and find, because search engine not read graphics, its read only text so write easy and simple text; text is an important part of your site


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