Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buying New Construction

Here in Center City Philadelphia, residents have longed to live in Pre-War styled Philadelphia condominiums. There will not be any additional pre-1940 condominiums built but recently Philadelphians have seemingly attractive alternative. From the ceiling to the floor full glass window walls, java hued kitchen cabinetry, and walk-in closets the size of a station wagon now present themselves to the buying public in many urban areas across the United States.
Elevators that run at the speed of light, along with on-site parking, and windows that actually open are now all options that many urban dwellers may now enjoy. The options seem limitless, and the amenities varied when shopping for a Philadelphia condominium in a new construction project. The attractiveness of living in a building that is newly constructed is strong. You know that no one else has yet used your new dishwasher, bathtub in the master bath, or left their dirt behind. Everyone likes the idea of a new car, a new shirt or a new condominium. In addition, with Philadelphia's unique tax abatement program for new construction Philadelphia condominiums, it makes for a powerful one-two punch for a person looking for his first condominium.


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