Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top 3 Internet Marketing Mistakes

Given the state of business today, a good website means expanded customer base and a bad website means wastage of money and lost sales. Now with the help of right internet marketing strategies, you can attract new customers to your business.
As a business owner, you may not need to be an expert in internet marketing. But it always helps in developing an understanding about how the things work in this field. Is the company hired by you up to the best practices for internet marketing? Do they avoid the common mistakes while promoting your brand in the web?
Here are top 3 internet marketing mistakes that ordinary marketers are prone to make. The knowledge will you assess your position vis a vis your competitors.

1. Using poor quality content for your website
A website with poorly written contents lack on credibility and it will fail to build up a long standing relationship with your prospective customers.
An experienced internet marketer knows how to fix this problem. The good internet marketing companies hire professional sales copy writers who know best how to describe your product or service so that the customer feels compelled to own it.

2. Using a flashy homepage without much use
Music may mean tympanic pain for many visitors, bright colors for some may come as sore for their eyes. So resist the temptation for using a Flash intro page as your website’s home page. It is the main entrance to your site; to make full use of it, divide the page in such a way that each segment can lead the visitors with diverse interest to the pages relevant to their interests. In other words, try to build your home page in a way that individual visitors can easily find information relevant to their interests.

3. Using a single landing page for all web ads
It is important to strategically place your web ads. But it is equally important to make sure that by clicking on the ad, the visitor is taken to the right landing page of your site, where he/she can find the information relevant to his/her search. If the click takes the visitor to a page of your website that has no relevance to his searches, the visitor will quickly switch from your site and you will lose on potential sales. To avoid this internet marketing mistake, make sure, ads for all your products are linked to relevant landing pages.

Effective internet marketing is not something that just any marketer can do. It pays in the long run if you hire a reputed internet marketing company to do this for you. It requires some initial investment. But it is worth investing as this will ensure that you stay ahead of your online competitors.


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