Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Internet Marketing

One of the basic features of internet marketing is: like the real world, the marketers in the cyber world have to go through their shares of highs and lows. There are times when traffic to certain websites drop off dramatically and all internet marketing efforts come to a temporary halt. What if there could be some other means to reach out to the targeted customers during these low times? The Opt-in email lists offer just that; they allow the internet marketing companies carry on with their marketing campaigns---during high traffic and low traffic periods.

So how do the opt-in email lists stimulate your internet marketing efforts?
To begin with: it’s a powerful tool in the hands of internet marketing companies because such a list opens up the channel of direct communication between the marketer and the targeted audience.
A website can not do this.
When you depend on a website for marketing your products or services, you become completely dependent on the flow of the traffic to the site. As long as the site receives a good traffic, it is fine. But when the traffic is slow, the marketer fails to reach out to the potential customers.
But with a list of opt-in emails at its disposal, an internet marketing company will be able to directly contact a large number of prospective buyers at any time. And one of the greatest benefits of opt-in emails is: they have high potential to increase conversion rate. When the website is used to build up a collection of opt-in emails, a special relation grows between the website and its visitors. The long term relationship garners trust and trust translates into sales.

Honesty is the key to build up rather a long list of opt-in emails
A consensual sign-up process is regarded the best way to build up huge collection of opt-in emails. It involves as little as adding a registration form in the website inviting the visitors to sign up. It will be fair to mention in the form that with the sign up, the visitors are to expect newsletters and other promotional materials to arrive in their email from time to time. This mode of direct internet marketing is widely accepted in the industry and only those will sign up, who want to receive these marketing materials. In this way, the internet marketing company will be able to avoid spam complaints against it.

No matter whatever promotional materials you are sending to the customers, make them relevant and attention grabbing to utilize the full potentials of your opt-in email lists. If used in a planned manner, opt in email lists can be a very useful tool in the hands of internet marketing companies. Internet marketing solely with websites is no longer effective; in order to adopt a more aggressive marketing approach the companies should work out innovative strategies to add to the length of the opt-in email lists


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