Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Internet Marketing---It Pays to Go With Latest Web Trends

Internet marketing success is no longer defined by the website traffic. While there are many traditional methods for garnering traffic, the savvy internet marketer will always take his cues from the latest trends and technologies used in the web.

Let’s first try and understand how internet is being used by the Netizens in the recent years.
For a large number of audiences, internet is a giant source of information. But an increasing number of users are treating internet as a tool for personal networking. They write blogs to circulate opinion, they hang out from one social networking site to the next and they tweet to stay connected with each other in real time. The network may span over a single group or a number of sub groups consisting of like minded people. Their interaction may be personal, professional or business-like in nature. In any case, the members of a group are connected to each other by mutual trust.
In other words, the Gen-x internet users would push their own contents to be heard by others and in turn they would hear only those which they like to, eliminating all others from their web-experience.


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