Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Real Estate Investment Title Registration Costa Rica

It is true that purchasing international real estate is not an easy task. It is also true that it becomes less stressful when you pay a little extra and take the help of the right professionals. In a country like Costa Rica, you can avoid risk factors associated with language barrier and different real estate laws by accepting the guidance of professionals through various stages of purchase.

In Costa Rica, you can make successfully invest in real estate properties ranging from farm houses, condominiums, water front villas, mansions, apartments or time shares. However, you have to begin your search for your dream property at the Public Registry.

In Costa Rica, properties are centrally registered. You simply have to hit any of the Public registry offices in San Jose and perform the title search in the computers. This computerized registration system is known as “Folio Real”.

Perform a title search on “Folio Real” prior to the purchase of any property in Costa Rica. The title search will give you all the necessary information about the property you intend to buy, the current and last ownership of the property, the actual area of the property and its boundaries, exact location, its mortgage status and the any financial tax dues, if any.

If you don’t find information about a certain property in “Folio Real”, try looking for it in the special books preserved in the offices of Public Register. The information you find here are will be authentic as well.


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