Wednesday, September 30, 2009

properties for Investment in Costa Rica

Owning a nest away from home is not a new phenomena among the wealthy Americans; what is new is their desire for finding the place that is comfortable, affordable and yet uncommon. Going beyond the expensive Floridian properties, more Americans are finding their dream properties in the exotic lands in other continents and Costa Rica comes as a natural choice for the savvy investors.

Not only from US and Canada, overseas investors and buyers from Europe are also taking keen interest in Costa Rica real estate. And, why not? According to CIA estimate, Costa Rica real estate finishes among the top five real estate destinations in the world. Costa Rica properties promise good capital growth with a steady growth of 20-50% per year. This means that your investment in real estate gives you good return on your investment.

Add to these the other comparative advantages of Costa Rica real estate over the other Latin American countries. For example, in Mexico, a foreign investor can not buy free-hold properties within 200 miles of the coastline. Take Nicaragua; the lands are cheap, but much of its land is not yet titled.


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