Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Costa Rica Condos

A mere proposal of buying a property in a foreign country can give you jitters. However, an easier way to try your luck is to buy a condo property in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica serves as the most popular tourist destination in central and South America. Thousands of tourists flock Costa Rica every year. The tourist’s inflow has resulted in the boom in real estate industry. The property prices have soared by 100% in the past five years.

Costa Rica’s varied landscapes and mild weather makes it the spectacular vacation gateway.

The property dealers have invested in building condos and this is a big boom in this Central American country! The reason is simple it is easy to build many condos one plot of land than building villa.

Sale of condos in Costa Rica is aided by the fact that large number of people from the U.S, Canada and Europe, want to buy a second home come to Costa Rica. They do so for a second vacation home for summer.


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