Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Las Vegas Condos so attractive for Overseas Investors

Overseas real estate investment comes with its unique risks---it is not easy to find a value for money investment property in another country. But when it comes to Las Vegas condos, the investors can be rest assured that they have taken the right step.

Las Vegas condos make great vacation home or second home for the American as well as overseas buyers. There are several reasons behind this growing trend.
First of all, the buyers can choose from a wide array of variety. For example, you can find 12 high rise and mid rise condos on Las Vegas Strip alone.
If condo residences fail to excite you, then you can choose from this new generation real estate concept called condo hotels, where the hotel chain takes care of your unit and rents it out when you are not occupying it.
However, there is another breed of condo construction---the conversion condos. This type of development involves up- gradation of apartment complexes into condominiums. The conversion condos are typically less pricey than the properties that are originally developed as condos.

Of all types of Las Vegas condos, the condo hotels have the highest demand in the market. These are the most upscale properties and are meant for affluent buyers. These ultra luxury units are well appointed and self sufficient. They have internal tie up with the leasing agents. The units are leased out to hotel guests when the owner is not occupying them. The maintenance and other related aspects are taken care of by the hotel management. Residences at MGM, Palms Place and Trump Tower are some examples of such high end condo properties. Many overseas buyers are taking the advantage of the reduced pricing that Trump Tower marketers are currently offering.


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